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Completed: Play Set from Simplicity 3250 (1950)

I was amazed to open my sewing journal and see that I had started this set in 2017! I believe it was mostly completed in 2018, and then finished and gifted to my sister in 2019. So I guess it is only fitting that the blog post about it should be spaced a year apart… Continue reading Completed: Play Set from Simplicity 3250 (1950)

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March: Sew-Nothing-Sewist

March is my month to get muslins done; the weather is still too crummy to sew warm weather clothing. This March I put together zero muslins. I suspect it was a combination of being too busy with teaching, going on vacation for a week and having a case of where-do-I-start?-itis. A problem which I further… Continue reading March: Sew-Nothing-Sewist