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Completed: 1940s Lab Coat from DuBarry 5497

At the beginning of the semester we were informed we would need to acquire lab coats for working in the conservation lab. I already have a flameproof one for chemistry lab, but I don't really like it and the flameproofing is complete overkill for a conservation lab...we're not even allowed to have a water bottle… Continue reading Completed: 1940s Lab Coat from DuBarry 5497

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Completed: 1940s Shirt Simplicity 1554

Here it is, my third and final plaid WIP of the summer, done! The first WIP was my gingham 50s bathing suit and the second was James' Negroni. This shirt was from my HSFN 2014 list of 1940s patterns I was aiming to sew up. I'm extremely pleased with it, I think it looks very… Continue reading Completed: 1940s Shirt Simplicity 1554