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Simplicity Fashion Forecast July 1936

Hello dear readers! The summer sewing plans I had have fallen entirely by the wayside as work, thesis writing, and a new historical gown for an end-of-summer retreat have taken precedence. My slow sewing project, Simplicity 7031, was a total loss due to a major drafting error. And, while I’ve been a bit more active, I’m still not back to my pre-grad school shape and size so that hasn’t exactly been encouraging me to sew. How is your summer sewing going?

Luckily, even when we’re not sewing, we can daydream about it. So, I am sharing a digitally cleaned up copy of Simplicity Fashion Forecast from July 1936 as a bit of eye candy or even sewing inspiration. I really don’t sew 1930’s styles, as they don’t suit my body type, but the graphics and design are so lovely it is hard not to drool over them. For the smaller images side-by-side, you can right click and select “Open Image in New Tab” to see them fully sized.

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