Sewing With A Plan

2022 Summer Sewing Plans Amended

I’m part excited, part flabbergasted to find that we are already halfway through 2022. Part excited because I’m officially done with the classes in my graduate program and part flabbergasted because of course I thought I’d get in some more sewing time than I actually have. At the moment, the fitting issues around Simplicity 7031, the one project I have been working on, mean that it has been banished to the WIP pile.


Most of my summer sewing plans are actually revolving around historical sewing thanks to my thesis and Jane Austen retreat. However, I have three other projects I hope to get to.


The first is a pair of espadrilles I’d put on hold since 2019. I have one assembled. They’re quick to do, but they are a little loose so I’ve been looking for some nice cotton twill tape to make an ankle strap. Somehow, I don’t have any photos of them!

Terry Swim Tops

Image from Vintage Pattern Wiki.

I managed to score two copies of this pattern, one each in my partner and his nephew’s size. That side of the family has a lake house, so I thought I’d make them matching tops in terry cloth. Unfortunately it is hard to find nice terry cloth in good colors! I have a beach robe my Grammy made me as a little girl out of actual towels (striped! with fringe!) so maybe I’ll see if I can’t hunt down some interesting towels to use instead. I do want to get the nephew’s done at least because he’ll outgrow it soon otherwise.

Dress for a Wedding

Image from Vintage Pattern Wiki.

We are going to a wedding in August and for once I really do have nothing to wear to it. I can usually find dresses at our local thrift shop, but I’d prefer to make one and then I might get to repurpose it for my graduation party. If I do get around to sewing it I’m planning to use this pattern and some fabric I already had that will be *just enough* for both the dress and shrug. Plus it is a scattered floral print so I don’t have to waste any time or energy with pattern matching, except to try to avoid putting the giant roses directly on the bust points.

Teacher Gifts

Photo by author.

Once I have my thesis defended and turned in, I have some thank you gifts to distribute. Some of them will be a cross stitch project that I have always wanted to try. I’m not going to give anything else away except this photo of my current progress.

I did start to try to think about what I might sew in the Fall and Winter but decided not to get ahead of myself!

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