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Me Made May: Week 4 and Wrap-Up

Well, I did manage to wear one me-made a week, but I did not manage to complete my other goal of finishing my summary posts from last year. My last official me-made wear was this wristlet that I made at the Chicago School of Shoemaking and Leather Arts back in 2014. I wore it out for a date-night with my partner.

Photo by author.

However, I use me-made bags a LOT! So that is something that I feel proud about. Bags are pretty easy to make (no fitting!) and they fit you even if you change size. Some of my me-made bags, left to right: one of our grocery bags, my everyday purse which is the 2-Zip Hipster by Dog Under my Desk, and my toiletries bag. I also have made a square, drawstring, gym/sports-style bags but I couldn’t find a photo of it.

Photo by author.
Photo by author.
Photo by author.

I also wore these me-made pjs when it was warm enough. My flannel ones have been retired and need replacing.

Photo by author.

I definitely found the once-a-week format to be much more reasonable for me, and although I’d love to have more me-mades that is a matter of time and resources and my own personal inclination to make practical items. Hopefully now that I’m almost done with grad school things will settle down and I will have more sewing time.

How did you do with Me-Made-May?

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