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Me Made May 2022 Pledge

Being in the throes of trying to finish grad school, April swept by me before I remembered that Me Made May was on the horizon. If you followed along last year, you might remember that I started to do a retrospective of my past participation in MMM. I did this in two ways. First, when I would post my daily outfit, I would include the photos of it from past MMMs. Second, at the end of each week I rounded up photos of a category of garments that I had worn for past MMM but no longer owned. I lost steam around mid-May, however on that part of it because it required the tedious process of searching for photos on my old computer and transferring them. I managed to cover tops and dresses but only managed to start drafts of the post on bottoms and miscellaneous.

As with last year, I am still at my higher grad school weight and certain me-mades just don’t fit. Besides having little time to sew, I have also resisted sewing new clothes in the hope that after graduation I will be able to return to a more healthy routine and don’t want to have wasted time sewing garments that are then too big.

MMJ ’11 – Reading and listening to a far-away summer thunderstorm in me-made crab print shorts on a me-made t-shirt quilt. Photo by author.

This will be my 11th year of MMM. I thought last year was #11 but as I reviewed my photos it turns out I missed year #10. I know myself pretty well now, so I think my pledge should be pretty achievable.

I, Alyssa aka @wwndw and @thesartorialsleuth, pledge to wear at least one handmade garment each week of May 2022, and, as I did last year, to post photos showing their appearances throughout past MMM challenges. I also pledge to finish my two retrospective posts I started last year, finish the dress I am currently sewing, and try to improve or mend one older me-made.

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