New Year's Resolutions · Sewing With A Plan

2021 Review/2022 Plans

I did so little sewing in 2021, and what with being in my last semester of grad school and having no sewing time, so I decided to put this all in one post.

2021 Sewing in Review

I made…3 whole projects, not counting many, many more face masks. One of the projects wasn’t even a new project, but one of my oldest WIPs. It was all very practical sewing, so I am proud of that. The first project was a silk charmeuse and velvet sleep mask for James, his birthday present. It was replacing an old one that had gotten pilled, stretched out and full of dog hair.

My next project was a bias-cut slip, which I had started in 2020 to replace the RTW one I had been using since my middle-school graduation. Now that I’ve had it awhile, I want to shorten the straps a bit more, but other than that it is perfect!

The final project, which you can see in the lower left, was a project I had started in 2012! I was inspired to make it when I found the vintage fabric, but at the time it was too large. For now, it fits just fine, thanks to pandemic/grad school weight gain. I don’t love it, but it was nice to finally complete it. The color is not great with my complexion, I don’t really like v-necks, the bodice has that looser mid-60s fit that isn’t flattering for a fuller bust, and I felt the skirt was too short (from a proportion standpoint, not a modesty one). I’ve since let the hem down, but there wasn’t quite enough to make it below the knee, so it kind of hits awkwardly on my knee-cap. On the other hand, it fits (most of my other dresses are too small right now) and is comfortable, and the color and bodice issues can be mitigated with a cardigan, so it isn’t getting donated just yet.

2022 Sewing Plans

This is mostly going to be a repeat of last year’s plans, to be honest, since I didn’t really get to them.

1. Made by Rae Jade Tee – I am in desperate need of new t-shirts as mine are too small and getting holey, but haven’t been able to find any that I like as boxy and cropped fits are more popular. I plan to try the Jade tee as I like the options it offers.

Image from Made by Rae

2. Men’s Robe – I have promised James a robe to replace his very, very old one and he has been very patient about me putting it off because of school. We’re going to modify this pattern from the 1970’s to his specifications.

Photo from the Vintage Pattern Wiki

3. Espadrilles – I have one espadrille completed (still no photo though), but I have had these as a WIP for 3 years, so it is time to finish them up!

4. McCall’s 6446 – It is time to get over my fear of welt pockets and complete my oldest WIP (10+ years now).

Photo by author.

5. Mrs. Depew’s 3080 Butterfly Wrap Cape – Not thinking about the fact that I already have 2 capes on my plate (the one above and a historical one), I decided this pattern would be a nice, easy project with a really fun outcome. There’s an art deco weekend in June that has a Hollywood theme this year, so if I get to go this would be a great option for the evening ball.

I even splurged on the fabric already. While I wish I could afford silk, this polyester from JoAnn’s gives the impression of hammered silk. Now I need to figure out what to line it with. It is extremely fluid, so I am wondering if I should find something equally so, or go for a taffeta to give it a little body. What do you think?

I would like to do even more vintage sewing – perhaps something fun for my graduation party, or some career separates sin case of job interviews. I’d especially love to participate in the WWII sewing challenge going on on IG, but as it ends in May the timing isn’t great for me.

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