New Pattern Acquisitions Part 2

Part 1 Here

Advance 7011 (1955) is another rare one that often gets up there in price when it does appear. I assume it has to do with the fact that it is both associated with Gloria Swanson and it is a rather lovely design. Most sellers and buyers don’t really seem to understand what half sizes are, so I assume the price doesn’t reflect that aspect of it, although pretty/younger looking half size styles are difficult to come by.

Photo by author.

If I make the one above, I’ll need a petticoat/crinoline from Advance 7932 (1956) to wear with it! I’m very excited about this one as petticoat patterns that aren’t just a skirt with a small ruffle on the bottom, with suggested fabrics of cotton and taffeta are really hard to come by. What makes this one unique is it is a true 1950s crinoline, very structural, with the suggestion to use real crinoline as its base.

Photo by author.

When I say “crinoline” here, I don’t mean this stuff:

Photo from Fabrics Wholesale Direct

I mean this stuff, super stiff, real crinoline!

Photo from Amazon

This maternity pattern from Vogue was just a couple of dollars, so I couldn’t resist it. It is probably early 1960s.

And this last one was free! Someone in the department was giving away patterns so I snagged it for the pants. I’m on a search for a really good flare leg pants pattern.

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