New Pattern Acquisitions Part 1

I’ve obviously not been sewing thanks to being so busy with grad school, but every once in awhile I’ve picked up a new pattern. Since I don’t have any sewing to post, I thought I’d at least share the new patterns with you.

First is a one I never thought I’d own because it is so rare and tends to be very expensive as it is a Claire McCardell design: Folkwear’s Town and Country Dress. I also picked up McCall’s 9269 (ca. 1968), unusually not in my size (I try now to only buy half sizes with a 35″ bust) but I figure it is basic enough that I can easily overlay it on a half-size bodice/sleeve pattern and adjust it.

The paper labeled “Prominent Designer Pattern” above is a promotional pamphlet/order sheet. These were put out by Advance Patterns and were one of the first pattern companies to license with American designers and advertise with their names-you can see two Oleg Cassini patterns they offered below.

Simplicity 3862 (ca. 1941) is also not a half-size, but those are very rare for the 1940s so I have to buy misses sizes too and adapt them. This is actually a very basic dress when you look at the bones of it, but I liked the strange pocket panels that align with the skirt gores. Maybe not to actually make and wear-I think the just-below-the-bust pockets are a terrible idea aesthetically but it was inexpensive so I rescued it. If the pockets just got turned into panels with no flaps, or got extended higher it might not even be so bad.

This was another one I rescued because it was so inexpensive and unusual: “Misses Hospital Gown” ca. 1943. It looks to be open in the back like modern hospital johnnies. My mom thinks it might be short though for giving birth. My thought was that nightgowns with gathering over the bust look hideous on fuller busts, but the pleating here might look flattering. I’m not much of a nightgown person because I get twisted up in them and if you don’t wear anything underneath you just get quite a draft. However, this in flannel over some long johns when I’m just lounging around might eliminate the need for a robe sometimes.

The last of the 1940s patterns I’ve been purchasing is this half-size shirtdress from 1949. I like the late 1940s but sometimes the styles are quite extreme and best on a slimmer figure. I feel like this one is a good compromise-the peplum on the brown dress and the long skirt are a nod to the New Look without looking like they require a girdle and hip pads!

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