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Me Made May Days 11, 13, and 16

It’s dress week (except for this one that I wore during “tops” week)! I got tripped up this past week by getting my second vaccine dose. I was pretty sure I would have a stronger reaction than some people because of my auto-immune condition, so it wasn’t a surprise, I just didn’t think about the fact that if one has the chills one doesn’t really feel much like wearing summer-weight clothes, even me-made ones.

I wore one of my oldest dresses, Simplicity 2209, to get my second vaccine dose. I love it because it hits that Mad Men aesthetic sweet spot for me. It was for a Sew Weekly challenge to match a hat. I made it from two sheets, a vintage printed one and a plain white one for the lining. It has two major downsides. First, I was just beginning to try to fit things better, and this resulted in the right side seam being placed more towards the back (the other has the zipper), so no pockets. Second, because I changed the bust-fitting to triangular pleats, rather than darts, the waistline tends to creep up in the front. I am always tugging it down. I did try to sew them down, but it didn’t look as nice. I’m going to try a waist stay next because I do want to wear it more.

Another Mad Men-inspired dress (OK, OK, basically all my dresses are wannabe-1960s style except for the occasional ’40’s or ’50’s one), McCall’s 6696 was completed in 2016, but it didn’t get blogged until 2019. This is one of the few pieces I’ve made that gets worn a lot outside MMM because I was getting better at fit and was really meticulous in making a muslin and also the sewing of the final piece. Unfortunately it is a bit tight at the moment. I wore this two days after my vaccine but didn’t last the full day because of discomfort with swollen lymph nodes under my arm.

By the weekend I was back to normal, so for Day 16 I donned a newer, 100% inspired by Mad Men dress (it was originally for a Sew Weekly challenge themed “Mad Men”). Unlike the other two, it is also a true vintage pattern from 1965.

Once the weather is warm enough, I do love wearing my me-made dresses. They make me feel like I’ve sidestepped most of the crummy aspects of modern clothing quality, fit, and fashion.

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