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Me Made May: To All The Tops I’ve Worn Before

Tops might be what I’ve made the most of over the years. Dresses require essentially twice as much work, and pants have always intimidated me. Skirts, while easier to fit, are not something I wear much, so they definitely don’t “top” my count of tops. Hyuck, hyuck, hyuck.

MMM ’11 Tops Round-Up

In 2010, the first year of MMM, I believe I actually participated more in Self-Sewn-September later that year. I have a few photos of myself in me-mades during May, but I was trying to graduate from undergrad at that point, so I don’t think I officially participated. I haven’t had time to sort through all my old posts to confirm. Some years also had Me Made March and there was a Me Made June too. My computer muddled the dates on some of my photos, so the early ones are a best guess based on the albums I later sorted them into.

It is funny to look back and see how I was trying to navigate my identity post-undergrad through my clothes. My body requires a lot of specific fitting alterations, which I haven’t been willing to figure out and spend time on until the last few years. This means I resorted to a lot of less-fitted vintage styles in my tops. It is also clear that I still have no skills at styling my hair. I have never been able to muster the effort to do my hair regularly – I really admire women in the past who maintained a nice hairstyle every day.

I just discovered that my mom still has this top! She has one I made specifically for her too.

MMMarch ’11 – Simplicity 2418

This was my first attempt at making a knit top. It was a modern pattern, but it is a ripoff of a 1970’s pattern, the bolero is built-in. I’m still struggling to understand how best to sew knits.

MMM ’11 – Simplicity 2364

This top was a nightmare to sew (that ruffle! So fiddly!) but it was quite pretty. Grey is not my color, however, and the neckline was slightly crooked.

Ah, the infamous Sorbet! Who else wanted to love this but hated it?

Another ’70s top that is really cute but sorely needs an FBA so I’ve kept it all these years. This is in McCall’s Marlo’s Corner line, with Marlo Thomas (That Girl). It is a wardrobe pattern, and I made the shorts at one point for a Sew Weekly challenge. They were so tight! I never attempted the skirt though.

My second attempt at a knit top. I totally copied the color scheme from the pattern illustration.

MMM ’13

Third attempt at a knit top! This one went better, being a more stable knit. Sadly it was unflattering.

MMM ’13 – Cotton & Curl’s Side-Split Top

This top is still hanging around in my closet, but the red and yellow stripe are too dominant for my particular complexion. It also really needed an FBA to be more flattering. I still love it though, as I put a lot of effort into constructing it really well, so I’m not sure what I’ll do with it.

This probably qualifies as a Karen haircut these days… 😦 Fourth attempt at a knit top, also a failure due to bad fabric combination – too drapey knit and too stiff woven.

MMM ’15 – Sew Caroline Downtown Tunic

Hopefully this one is only temporarily retired! It is a little too small at the moment, but I also don’t have any bottoms to wear with it.

I miss this little jacket! It was from a 1950’s pattern, so at the time I had nothing to wear it with, and I never bothered to make the matching dress. Instead, I just looked like the weird mismatched, vaguely retro-y millennial that I was at the time. I wish I’d kept it. It would be fun to re-visit someday, I wonder if I still have the pattern?

SSS ’10 – Simplicity 1657 (1956)

This jacket is so 2010s! I never liked my choice of fabric/trims so that’s why this one got donated after only a year.

This vest came from another wardrobe pattern. It was a size too big, so it didn’t really get worn outside MMM. In the past I’d also made the skirt twice. I’ve since bought the correct size, and hope to make a full-on, very 70’s three-piece skirt suit with it.

MMM ’13 – Simplicity 7377 (1976)

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