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Me Made May ’21 Day 3

I was thinking that I would do a different type of garment each week, but the weather didn’t cooperate, so instead of another top today, I’m in a dress. It was sewn last summer from the Dottie Angel/Simplicity 1080 (now 9122) pattern, so this is actually its first appearance in MMM and on the blog!

Photo by author.

I’ve paired it with a Lauren Conrad for Kohl’s sweater which is now 10 years old, and a fused glass necklace gifted from an aunt when I was quite young that I have actually had repaired (I dropped it and the tip broke off) in an effort to be less wasteful. And no shoes, because I was at home all day and prefer to be barefoot.

Sewing Notes

  • The fabric was from Colchester Mill Fabrics and Quilting Store, which has really beautiful designer quilting fabrics.
  • I had to lower the waist tucks.
  • I never added the patch pockets. I might just do in-seam ones because I prefer them in terms of function.
  • For me personally I’ve found that it looks much better when worn with a sports bra than a regular one.

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