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Me Made May 2021 Pledge: An 11 Year Retrospective

I checked So Zo’s blog around March to see if there was going to be any MMM challenge this year, but didn’t see anything and then promptly forgot about it, because, well full-time graduate school pushes everything else aside. Being in graduate school also means that I’ve had little sewing time over the past two years, plus typical grad school weight gain on top of pandemic weight gain. What this all boils down to is that I don’t have many me-mades that fit.

MMJ ’11 – Reading and listening to a far-away summer thunderstorm in me-made crab print shorts on a me-made t-shirt quilt. Photo by author.

On the other hand, as I was taking my first photo, I had a fun realization for how to individualize my me-made pledge this year. This is my 11 year anniversary (oops, I missed 10th) of participating in So Zo’s me-made challenges!

I, Alyssa aka @wwndw and @thesartorialsleuth, pledge to wear my handmade garments in as much as possible during May 2021, and to post photos showing their appearances throughout the other MMM challenges over the years.

These three photos are a line-up of my me-mades for my second year of MMM, after having too little to participate as much as I wanted in 2010, of my tops, bottoms, and dresses. Looking back, I’m actually pretty impressed at how much I had sewn for myself at that point. On the other hand, not much of it has been retained in my closet because for most of my home sewing years I was focused on fun fabrics and how much and fast I could sew, rather than improving fit and quality.

MMM 11 Tops, photo by author.

If any of these bottoms are still around, which I’m pretty sure they’re not, they’re in my sewing memories box, because they’re not worn anymore.

MMM ’11 Bottoms, photo by author.

Only the light blue floral dress and the bird print dress on the right remain. I have the red one in the front saved because I love the vintage textile, but sadly it never fit in the armscyes and bust. I’ve got a little fabric left but haven’t figured out how to salvage the dress by using it to fix the fit.

MMM ’11 Dresses, photo by author.

What are you doing for MMM?! Please link to your blog/feed so I can follow along!

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