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Completed: Luxurious Silk Sleep Mask

January always brings about sewing projects as gifts for Mr. WWNDW’s birthday. I was hoping to tackle a new robe to replace his very old one, but the pattern I purchased for it got excessively delayed in shipping. Fortunately I had also ordered the silk velvet for this project and it arrived in a fairly timely fashion. His old sleep mask was made of cheap materials and like most things in our house, coated in dog hair.

Photo by author.

Pattern: Traced off an old sleep mask
Time: 3-4 hours over 2 days
Fabric: 1/4 yd. silk velvet from Prism Silks ($13.90 w/ shipping) charmeuse leftover from other projects, batting interfacing from stash
Notions: Elastic repurposed from old sleep mask, thread from stash
Cost: $13.90


  • I pre-washed the silk and charmeuse on a cold, delicate cycle with Eucalan detergent, and then machine dried on low.
  • One side is charmeuse and the other side, as well as the nosebridge piece, are velvet. I made the binding with the reverse of the charmeuse to help the mask not be too slippery.
  • The nosebridge piece was tough to figure out and I ended up having to cut a second one bigger that I sewed on and trimmed down to size.
  • I was originally going to quilt the mask and then decided it didn’t need it.
  • The batting interfacing is pretty thin so I did a double layer of it.
  • It is completely sewn by hand, and I’m glad I did it that way. It was probably faster than dealing with my machine eating up the silk, and bias binding by machine never works out for me.
Photo by author.

Maybe someday I’ll use the leftovers to make another one for myself! Once travel is safe again, it would be especially nice because I sleep best in total darkness. Are you sewing any little luxuries for yourself this year?

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