New Year's Resolutions · Sewing With A Plan

2021 Sewing Plans

Well, I have figured out that I will get no sewing done during my school semesters, so I need to simplify my sewing plans a lot this year. That means I’m leaving off some of my WIPs from the list as well.

Made by Rae Jade Tee

Image from Made by Rae

My basic wardrobe tops are mostly solid-color short and long sleeve tees, which I use on their own, and under sweaters in the winter. I had been buying them at Loft, as theirs fit me the best and are 100% cotton, which I prefer to a cotton-rayon blend. Obviously they are not the most sustainable option, but I knew I would wear these for a long time, whereas a more sustainably made shirt that I don’t like the fit of as much wouldn’t be a keeper. Long term use is also an important factor in sustainability of things.
I checked back in my Wardrobe Account that I keep, and the oldest of these tees is from 2018. They have held up OK, although I tend to get holes in all my tees near where I hang my keys on my belt loop (no surprise there), but I think some of them might wear out soon. They’re getting heavier rotation now that some of my older shirts bit the dust. It is surprisingly hard to find a tee similar to what I like – scoop (not U) neck that isn’t too low, 3/4, long and short sleeve options, and skimming without being too fitted and definitely not boxy. I am hoping Jade is the ticket!

Self-drafted Slip

Photo by author.

Even though I went to all the trouble of drafting and two mock-ups for this, I was too depressed and anxious over the summer to work on it. Instead I spent a lot of time at the beach, so I am ok with that trade-off. However, if I’m going to wear any dresses when the weather gets warm, I will have to make it!

Men’s Robe

Photo from the Vintage Pattern Wiki

I have selfishly promised James a new robe for many years and then not followed through. We agreed on this pattern to use a base, now I’m just waiting for it to arrive to start a mockup.


I have one espadrille completed (yet still no photo…), but I have had these as a WIP for two years, so it is time to finish them up!

McCall’s 6446

Photo by author.

Yes, 10 years and counting working on this one. I’m still terrified of doing welts and bound buttonholes in the thick wool, plus I made it a lot harder by deciding to add a lining ad leather appliques.

2 thoughts on “2021 Sewing Plans

    1. Vintage loungewear is so dreamy! I have a whole list of makes for myself, but I am trying to be a selfless sewist! I feel like loungewear is a bit more forgiving to make than regular clothing. I look forward to seeing what you come up with.


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