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MMM ’20 Weeks 2-4 Roundup

Click here to see Days 1-3, Days 4-7 me-made outfit posts; Week 2, Week 3, and Week 4 sewing plans, and my Sunday Vlog Specials 1 and 2!

Well, we’ve reached the end of MMM ’20! I did continue to wear some me-mades beyond the first week, even though the first week was my only goal for wearing me-mades, but I did not document them. I definitely did not achieve all my sewing goals, but it was a great boost not just to my sewing mojo, but to pushing myself to improve my skills, and confidently looking at how to take my sewing to the next level.

1. The first project I fully completed was the alterations to my skirt from McCall’s 5779 (1961). It took multiple attempts (including yet again putting the side pockets in the wrong place!) but now it is pretty nearly perfect. The waist ended up slightly big, which causes a slight droop at CF, so I might put a tab of elastic somewhere in the waistband to snug it up. This may also be the result of using too light/soft of interfacing in the waist.

Photo by Author.

This is one of my most favorite skirt silhouettes, it feels very 1950’s Audrey Hepburn, yet it isn’t a full circle skirt. I’m excited that I didn’t lose the silhouette with my alterations; that was a big concern as I don’t have a natural hourglass figure. Someday I’d like to convert it to a non-wrap style.

2. My pink dress from Simplicity 5889 (1965) is done, after starting it nearly a decade earlier! It is still too big in the bodice, so I’m looking for the pattern in a bust 35″ instead of bust 37″ because I like it a lot and would love to make it again. Sorry no pictures yet due to work eating up all my free time! I’ll post a full review of it soon, though.

Photo by Author.

3. My bias slip from McCall’s 6696 is still in progress, but as it is due to time spent improving the fit, I am not disappointed by this. I’ve made two muslins, one to test the fit without any alterations and the second to test the fit after adding french darts and side seam shaping at the bust. It isn’t perfect, but it is at a point where I feel I can move forward and make my final one, especially as it is an undergarment which won’t be seen.

Muslin #1. Photo by Author.
Muslin #2. Photo by Author.

4. Mask making ended up taking a large chunk of time, but it really needed to happen to prepare me for going to my internship later this month. I built them in an assembly-line fashion to be as efficient as possible, and in doing so was able to build enough for myself and my partner, as well as a couple as gifts for family (one was a birthday gift!)

Photo by Author.

MMM ’20 Takeaway

  • I still struggle to fit in sewing time when I have work/school full time. However, I’ve enjoyed adapting to a different model of sewing planning (mostly involving taking my time and not starting ALL the new projects).
  • My WIPs pile is shrinking!
  • I feel ready to take my sewing skills to the next level…
  • I’ve re-instated my subscription with Threads magazine after a few frustrated months of scrolling through the free, (usually) sub-par fluff and beginner-geared sewing content online. I used to subscribe when I was a beginner sewer, but at that point it was way beyond my skill and patience level. Now I’m really ready, and hungry, for this level of information.
  • I’ve also started listening to the Threads podcast, which is wonderful. The sewing world has many celebrated teachers, and many of the more experienced and informed ones don’t have typical social media accounts. This is a great way to get to know them and actually learn a lot.

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