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MMM ’20 Week 4 Sewing Plans

Click here to see Days 1-3, Days 4-7, Week 2 and Week 3 sewing plans, and my Sunday Vlog Specials 1 and 2! I had intended to make a sewing plan for the rest of the month, I wanted to be more flexible than that. So I’m developing my plans week by week.

Yet again, my sewing groove has been interrupted, but by all good things: a part time temporary gig and committee work where I get to learn grant writing on the fly. It just means less sewing. Here are my week 4 plans:

  1. Bias Slip from McCall’s 6696 – I’m glad I made a muslin because it turns out I need some bust darts (not surprised) to get the fit of this really nice. So next step is transferring my pinned alterations to the paper pattern.
McCall’s 6696

2. Vogue 3011 Shorts – These have been demoted on the list of priorities, as I have plenty of modern shorts patterns that are OK. However, since I have the muslin cut out, I am hoping to sew it together so it is ready to go when I have more time to make them.

Vogue 3011 (1962)

3. McCall’s 5779 (1961) – So I deviated from my original plans here and went ahead and cut out the sleeveless blouse in the blue fabric below. I only have one blouse that works with this skirt and it is a bit snug, so I decided to bite into this project, knowing I wouldn’t need to make any adjustments anyways.

Photo by Author

4. Masks! I finally found a pattern we both like. It takes a bit more time and fabric, but it is worth it. I was even inspired by my friend to stop making them out of my ugliest fabrics and embrace making them from scraps from my prettiest me-mades.

Video from EasytoSew

3 thoughts on “MMM ’20 Week 4 Sewing Plans

  1. Hi, I just wanted to say how happy I am to find that you are writing here again. I always enjoyed your blog. It’s been a bit disappointing to see so many abandon their interesting blogs in favor of social media over the past few years.

    Good luck with your projects!


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