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MMM ’20 Days 4-7

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May 4th

Weather: 35-56F, Cloudy.
Well, the nice weather was gone as quickly as it came and we’re back to typical spring weather. In other words, cold. I decided on an in-between outfit (I have no me-made pants…) with my McCall’s 6696 shirtdress paired with a cozy cardigan. More exams and writing today.

McCall’s 6696

Me Made Pieces: McCall’s 6696 (4 years)

RTW Pieces: Cashmere cardigan (10+ years old), thrifted necklace (also 10+ years old), underthings

May 5th

Weather: 36-57F, Partly cloudy.
Most of today I spent working on a presentation I have to give on Thursday as my second-to-last exam. Later in the evening we Skyped with my Mom for her birthday!

Simplicity 2415

Me Made Pieces: Simplicity 2415 (10 years old!) – this is my oldest (wearable) me-made. With some added fisheye darts in the back, it is a great TNT pattern and I regret getting rid of it. Hopefully someday I can find a copy again.

RTW Pieces: Loft jeans, thrifted Talbots cashmere cardigan, Save-the-Bees necklace, underthings

As a reward to myself for mostly finishing my presentation, I started tracing off and altering this Vogue 3011 shorts pattern. It was given to me by a friend who had it, but then got a copy in her correct size. The earliest it is dated is January 1962/December 1963, but it is featured as late as June/July 1964. So far I haven’t tracked down any made-up versions. This surprises me because I feel like this is a quintessential ’60s bottoms pattern, and with the proportioned pieces it takes out some of the alterations work. I love it because it reminds me of Laura Petrie!

Vogue 3011 (1962)

May 6th

Weather: 40-58F, Partly cloudy.
Another day of working on exams and committee projects. I did not take a picture in my me-made, and I only ended up wearing it half the day because it got much colder. Yet another reminder to make more cool-weather me-mades.

Simplicity 7517 (1976)

Me Made Pieces: Simplicity 7517, 1976 (1 yr.)

RTW Pieces: Loft jeans, United By Blue t-shirt, promotional sweatshirt, underthings

May 7th

Weather: 36-61F, Partly cloudy.
Another day of working on exams and I presented for my independent study.

Cloth Habit Lady Shorts

Me Made Pieces: No photo for today because I only wore my Cloth Habit Lady Shorts.

RTW Pieces: Loft jeans, loft tee

Tomorrow I’ll be posting the details for the rest of my MMM ’20 plans: My original goal was to wear 1 week of me-mades and devote the rest of the month to sewing, but I never hashed out exactly what those plans were. A month of muslins? A jersey garment each week? I have so many ideas!

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