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MMM ’20 Days 1-3

There are a couple of details I like to include in my Me Made May posts that others may not…
– I like to include the weather, I guess because sometimes my sewing gets summer tunnel vision. I need to remember that summer where I live is only about 4 months of the year, the rest of the time I’m in pants and sweaters, so making lots of sundresses isn’t that helpful!
– Last year I started including how long I’ve had each piece of clothing. This is part of a bigger wardrobe plan that I’ve been implementing since last year using an old Home Ec textbook from the 1960s. I keep meaning to get into it more here, but as it is a lengthy explanation, it might need a video post.
– I also like transparency, so I include a list of what is RTW.

May 1st

Weather: 44-65F, Rain.
Lots of folks like to wake up to MMM ready to go, by wearing handmade pjs to bed. May is pretty chilly here, it was in the 30s (F) just a few days ago, so I actually wear flannel pajamas most of the year.

Simplicity 2317

My Lola dress, below, was mostly worn studying and writing my final exams. After next Friday I’ll be done!

Victory Patterns Lola

Me Made Pieces: Simplicity 2317 (3 yrs. old), Victory Patterns Lola dress (5 yrs. old)

RTW Pieces: LL Bean slippers, Yogacycled recycled poly leggings, underthings

May 2nd

Weather: 49-68F, Partly cloudy.
Today’s outfit was worn doing schoolwork and playing “road tennis.” Road tennis was invented by our neighbors as a way for one of them to stay in practice for her tennis tournaments. It is just tennis played on the road in between our houses, with no net, but it is a lot of fun and helps me to get in some exercise. Post-road tennis, my outfit looked much less tidy!

Simplicity 1554 (1944)

Me Made Pieces: Simplicity 1554 (6 yrs. old)

RTW Pieces: Thrifted Royal Robbins shorts, found sunglasses, smartwool socks, underthings

May 3rd

Weather: 47-70F, Partly cloudy.
Worn for more studying/writing and a re-match of road tennis. We’re planning a bonfire tonight, but it might be too chilly by then to stay in this outfit. Photo taking was a struggle today, we’d missed the window of “good light” and I was struggling to find a pose I felt like I looked good in, meanwhile, James thought I looked good in all of them (he’s so sweet!) I ended up picking this one because he always tries to get me to smile with my teeth (I don’t usually like teeth-smiling).

McCall’s 5145 (1976)

Me Made Pieces: McCall’s 5145 (7 yrs. old)

RTW Pieces: White shorts (originally bought end-of-season for a Halloween costume as BJK), underthings

9 thoughts on “MMM ’20 Days 1-3

  1. Love it! Road tennis sounds very fun. MMM has me wondering how many actual garments I have made for myself… and it turns out, not all that many! So I’m inspired to get going on that. I guess I end up making a lot of things for other people and commissions. Looking forward to seeing how the month goes for you!


    1. I don’t think I’ve ever had enough to properly get through a month…but that’s because I like to make summer clothes in novelty prints!


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