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#stayhomeandsew McCall’s 9118

While I have plenty of schoolwork to catch up on, I am hoping to use my extra week of Spring Break to also do a bit of sewing to make the whole thing a bit less soul-sucking.

Unfortunately I left my regular sewing machine and my whole sewing kit in RI in an attempt to remove temptation from my originally allotted break time! So the day of the conference where we got the email saying Spring Break would be extended I ordered a roll of pattern paper from Wawak. Once back in NY, I also went to the local JoAnn’s to stock up on 15 yards of muslin, scissors, needles and pins, a thimble, black and white thread, a measuring tape, and some tailor’s chalk. I was the only customer in the store.

Image from Wawak

I was disappointed to find my paper roll from Wawak had been dented before shipping out (the box it came in wasn’t damaged) and many of the layers had holes from the dent in them, I’d guess from 1/4 to 1/2 the layers. I reached out to their customer service, asking if they could just discount it since I’m trying to avoid going out, and they very kindly did! That certainly inclines me to shop there again for other items (I haven’t in the past because I don’t need to buy sewing supplies in bulk). After trying many types, I think their pattern paper rolls the best deal/quality anyways. The one I bought was 500 yards at 36″ wide for ~$50 (before the discount). We had a wider one at the school I worked at and it took us about 2 years to use it up!

Since I only have so much brainpower to devote to my sewing, however, I decided to try an easy pattern I picked up maybe a year ago from the Etsy store KeepsakesStudio.

I’m going to attempt the view all the way on the right, since I have the rick-rack already, although I wish it was orange instead of grey!

What are you sewing?

One thought on “#stayhomeandsew McCall’s 9118

  1. Cute! I look forward to seeing your pattern. Reminds me of what my mom grew up wearing.
    I’m so glad you got a discount for the damage! What else are you going to get now? 🙂


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