Yearly Wrap Up

2019 Wrap Up

2019 was all about taking care of unfinished business. By starting graduate school, I was turning over a new leaf and even though I’ve been an adult for about a decade, it is time to assess my life, do some Konmari and see how I want to move forward as I have been holding on to a lot of baggage (mentally and materially) from my twenties.

My main goal was to keep attacking the many WIPs cluttering up my sewing room and mental space. I even ended up tracking some data by keeping copious notes every month on my sewing from 2018 to August 2019. This was because of my plan to work on a WIP and do an alteration/repair every month before I could start on anything new. I’m not including my historical sews here, by the way.

2018-2019, The WIP Numbers

2018 WIPs – 2/10

  1. Simplicity 5889 – pink 60’s dress
  2. James’ PJ top (January 2018)
  3. McCall’s 6446 – cape
  4. Simplicity 7517 – 1970s top
  5. Simplicity 3250 – 50s play set
  6. Simplicity 8788 – mod dress (April 2018)
  7. James’ linen pants
  8. Bra
  9. Crab wrap skirt
  10. Rug

2019 WIPs – 6/9

  1. Simplicity 5889 – pink 60’s dress (August 2019)
  2. McCall’s 6446 – cape
  3. Simplicity 7517 – 1970s top (May 2019)
  4. Simplicity 3250 – 50s play set (August 2019)
  5. James’ linen pants
  6. Bra (Keeping for reference but decided to not finish it)
  7. Crab wrap skirt (May 2019)
  8. Victorian doll dress for American Girl Doll
  9. Rug

Finished Pieces

1. I finished a weaving from 2017 in February.

Photo by author.

2. I finally hemmed my pajamas, also from 2017.

Photo by author.

3. I completed a stashbusting 1970s top, also started in 2017 (I am sensing a theme…)

Photo by author.

4. Completed a 1960s wrap skirt I began in 2018. Lesson learned, I do not like to actually wear wrap skirts.

Photo by author.

5. I finally sewed my own travel toiletries bag! I quilted it myself after figuring out my walking foot.

Photo by author.

6. My 1960’s Laura Petrie pajamas I began as a New Year’s project in 2018 got finished up…and then I promptly left them at my in-laws house and didn’t get to wear them for several months!

Photo by author.

7. The second edition of my two-zip hipster bag.

Photo by author.

8. Folkwear dirndl blouse.

Photo by author.

9. 1950s bra top and shorts for my sister (better photos yet to be taken…no blog post yet either!)

10. My 1940’s lab coat.

Photo by author.

Not the most exciting of years, but it has felt really good to wrap up all these loose ends! Do y’all struggle with finishing your projects before starting new ones? How about mending and alterations?

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