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Completed: Folkwear Dirndl Blouse

So my grand plans of having lots of sewing and blogging time in graduate school have obviously not been realized. The most I’ve had time to do is start an instagram for my professional/school endeavors, which can be found @thesartorialsleuth. So my new goal is that I’m hoping to do a more in depth recap of the semester (including a bloggified version of my term paper on Rockabilly) on The Sartorial Sleuth blog.

As for my own personal sewing during the semester, the only thing I’ve managed to make was a somewhat rushed lab coat using a DuBarry pattern form the 1940s, which I need to get some photos of so I can post my review here. However, I have a pixie wallet or two due for Christmas gifts and of course, grand sewing plans for the January break, which are probably way too ambitious.

I did, however, finish my dirndl blouse before leaving for school, but I was waiting for Oktoberfest for photos!

Version 2

Time Frame: January 2019-August 2019
Folkwear Patterns 123, Dirndl, Size 12 (34 bust, using larger cup cutting line)
JoAnn’s Premium Muslin 100% Cotton from stash (gifted).
Thread from stash, elastic from stash, some bias tape from stash and some from from Upstitch (fiber craft upcycle thrift store).
Total Cost: $1 (for the bias tape)
Needle/Stitch Length: 12 universal, 3.


  • I used elastic instead of a drawstring for under the bust as I think it is more comfortable and I find drawstrings usually come untied while wearing.
  • I re-drew the center back neckline so it wasn’t v-shaped, I just personally didn’t like the look of it.


  • I used a vintage copy of the Folkwear pattern. I don’t know if they have since made alterations.
  • The fit is surprisingly good. I wouldn’t change a thing.
  • Next time I will use self bias instead of the yucky pre-made stuff for the elastic channel, or bias made from a silkier fabric because it chafes around my elbow bend where the channel for the elastic rests.
  • I handstitched all the bias binding on the neckline, because if I machine-sewed it I figured there was a pretty high chance the gathers would do something funny, like shift around or get caught up under the needle.

I’m really pleased with it, especially that it had full bust adjustments built in to the pattern. Best of all, when we were at the cake table at my parents’ German American Club Oktoberfest, the woman serving cake complimented me on my dirndl. When I told her I made it she was so astonished she replied, “Oh, BLESS you!”

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