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Completed: Advance 2918 (1961)

Continuing with my “Year of Unfinished Business” (although technically this is year 2 of me catching up to my WIPs…) I’ve completed this 1960s pajama set I began in January of 2018. I remember I was particularly depressed at the time and watching a lot of the Dick Van Dyke show to cheer myself up. While I find Laura Petrie’s outfits fun, they’re not typically styles that are flattering to my body type.


So when this gem popped up online, I gladly purchased it, knowing I was in need of a new pair of summer pajamas. Baby doll pajamas of the 1960s are cute, but I don’t like all the gathering over the bust that is common in the style. This tent style, with vertical darts over the bust is comfortable and fits well.



Time Frame: 1.5 years
Advance 2918 (1961) Size 16, B34
Ikea sheets, gifted to me.
Thread from stash, elastic from stash, buttons from Upstitch (fiber craft upcycle thrift store).
Cost: $1 for buttons.
Needle/Stitch Length: 12 universal, 3.


  • I used a different color thread for each buttonhole to make it rainbow!
  • The neckline and armscyes are bound with self-bias, but instead of having a finished, folded-under edge on the inside with handstitching, I left the bias flat and topstitched it by machine. It saved a lot of time, since they were just pjs.
  • I did not use lace trim. I thought it would be too scratchy.
  • I used smaller buttons than the pattern called for, so I used one extra, although this wasn’t necessary as now I wear the bottom button


  • The bloomers fit much better than ones I made previously from a pattern one size larger.
  • I’m not a huge fan on the fabric’s print, but these were originally intended to be a muslin, so I wasn’t going to use any favorite fabric. Now that I know they fit, in the future I can pick something more to my taste.

These are the perfect pjs for if one has house guests – the loose, woven-fabric top means one can get away without a bra, unlike with a t-shirt, and the bloomers mean I can sit any way I like without risking flashing underpants. And of course, the best part is they have POCKETS! I like being able to carry everything to bed in one go, tea cup, knitting, phone, various writing implements, etc. What is your go-to summer pajama style or pattern?

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