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Completed: Simplicity 2317


So I “finished” these in February 2017 but I didn’t actually hem the top until this past winter! The hem was serged, so it didn’t really matter function wise, but they do look tidier.
My notes are pretty sparse in my sewing journal, but I’ll share what I have.

Fabric: 100% cotton flannel from JoAnn Fabrics ($17.06 on sale) but the store didn’t have enough and neither did the other ones nearby/online so I luckily ended up being able to buy a couple extra yards on Ebay.
Piping and 6 plastic buttons from JoAnn’s
I didn’t make any this time, but I would definitely either size down in the top next time or alter the existing pattern piece I used.

  • The fit on the top is very oversized. I don’t mind it much in the body of the top, but I could easily lose 1/3 the sleeve width. I went with the size that best matched my old pajamas with a bust of 54″ and a hip of 48″. The size medium is for a bust 38-40″. For reference, I’m a 37″ bust and 39″ hip but I am small framed.
  • The pants fit fine. They are drafted to be worn 2″ below the waist, which means with my 5″ waist to hip measurement (average in 7″) they actually sit on my natural waist, which I prefer for pjs. I also took an additional 1/2″ out when I folded them because my elastic on hand was wider than what it called for.
  • I wish there were pockets in the pants, but those are easily added since they have side seams.
  • I wish there was a top button, because I’m a nerd and when it is cold I will do my pajamas up all the way. I can easily fix this, but I haven’t.
  • I will admit I am shorter than your average woman, but even so the regular top on me looks like the nightshirt length. I would shorten it next time as it gets twisted when I turn over in bed.

Overall, these pajamas have served me well; although there is a tiny hole forming in the back, so it could be worth it to invest in higher quality flannel next time. The oversizing is fine because it is pajamas, but if I make them again I would be doing some alterations.

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