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Me Made May 2019 Days 7-9

I was hoping May would be a little warmer, but it hasn’t been, so I had to dig deep in my drawers for these days instead of wearing all the pretty dresses.

Day 7

mmm7.pngActivities: Still sick (can you tell from my expression?) Mostly my day was spent watching over Paisley after her surgery, but I did have to go to another student presentation so I had to get dressed and not just stay in my pajamas all day. It was in the mid-50s and sunny.

Today’s outfit report:
Me Made Items
1. Reef Knot Tank knitted by me and finished around 3 years ago. The yarn is by Three Irish Girls, a super soft cotton-bamboo mix, bought in Chicago. I really only wear this during MMM as it came out a big short (plus I’ve since gained weight, making it even more short) but as it is about as close as I’ve come to knitting a sweater I’ve held onto it.

1. Target tank top (newish), socks, bra and underwear
2. A handmade necklace that I had repaired after I dropped it and the tip cracked off (it is fused glass) (10+ years old)
3. Aerie sweater (7 years old)
4. Loft jeans (3 years old)
5. Keene vegan sneakers (5 years old)
6. Marmot rain jacket (1 year old)

Day 8

mmm8.pngActivities: Peak of sickness so I wore comfy things. Mostly spent the day at home grading but then had to go to a meeting. Grocery shopped but no cooking. Mid-60s and sunny.

Today’s outfit report:
Me Made Items
1. Simplicity 2418 (8 years old) tunic that I used to wear as a dress. My, it was short! I really love the fabric (one of the few polyesters I would say is nice and it is crazy enough still sold at JoAnn’s) and colors and I am still really proud of my sewing work on it. All the seams and hems are hand finished and the stripes of colors match on the side seams even though it is on the bias and fiddly. However, it shifts around so that the cap sleeves ride up, the cowl collapses and I’ve never gotten the waist line to stay in place, even with belt loops so eventually I gave up on wearing it.

1. Target socks, bra and underwear
2. Cardigan (5 years old)
3. Old Navy leggings (4 years old)
4. Vans sneakers (new, they were a Christmas gift from my sister)

Day 9

mmm9.pngActivities: Meant to go to yoga but slept in naturally – worth it as I felt much better. Chatted on phone with mom and did house stuff, then went to meditation at the gym and after hung out in the jacuzzi. Went to the post office, spent time with my partner and hopefully plan to cook dinner and bake a pie tonight! 60 degrees, cloudy then rainy.

Today’s outfit report:
Me Made Items
1. Some socks I knitted (5 years old)…I slacked a little on the Me Made today as it was much cooler and I don’t have any me-made active wear. To make up for it I finally got a proper photo of my pajamas.

1. Target socks and underwear
2. Smartwool bra (5 years old)
3. Old Navy leggings (4 years old)
4. Birkenstock clogs (5 years old)
5. New Balance workout tank (1 year old, gift from my parents)
6. Land’s End swimsuit (1 year old) – I love my swimsuit from them! I love their expanded size range.

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