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Me Mady May 2019 Days 5-6



Activities: Took Paisley to the vet for surgery and then straight to school for my students’ final design presentations. Later, I changed into RTW for doing yard work, grading and sewing.

Today’s outfit report:
Me Made Items
1. Liesl Gibson for Simplicity 2209 “Passport Dress” (8 years old) Wow, this is an oldie but a goodie! I was a little desperate for something new to wear that was professional enough for work today so I pulled this back out of a bin I have where I keep old makes that I don’t wear anymore, but that are really well made. The one downside to this dress is the envelope bodice: on my body it pulls up at the center and gives that mid-century bullet bra look, but I disguised it under a cardigan.

RTW Items
2. Gap cardigan (7 years old) not ethical or sustainable but it is the perfect accent cardigan for most of my dresses so I’ve really gotten the most out of it.
3. Payless flats (2-3 years old?) Definitely not ethical or sustainable but I have yet to find a similarly comfortable version in leather by a better company.
4. Thrifted necklace (5+ years old)
5. Target bra and undies (see previous)
6. Duluth trading jacket (see previous)
7. Banana Republic shorts (5 years old) Not sutainable or ethical. They also didn’t even fit me last year, so I was going to give them to the thrift store but lo and behold they fit again!
8. Target top (2 years old) Not sustainable or ethical.
9. Feelgoodz “slimz” flip flops are shoes I can’t say enough good things about (2 years old)! They are made of natural rubber latex with non-toxic dyes and are biodegradable. The company is fair trade and uses global artisan textiles in their non-flip flop shoes. They have barely compressed, unlike cheap plastic flip flops and have stood up to Paisley stepping on the back repeatedly of them while I am walking. They are also not very expensive.



Activities: I was sick so I mostly spent the day in bed watching TV but later we played our new boardgame, based off of Jane Austen’s novels, Polite Society.

Today’s outfit report:
Me Made Items
1. Simplicity pajamas! I never blogged about these and I don’t even really have a good photo, but there isn’t much to say report except that they are very oversized. After the Carolyn Pajamas disappointed me by being much too snug I went on the safe side and used a Big 4 unisex pattern (also, did you know the company that owns McCall’s, etc. has finally also bought out Simplicity!? Now is the time more than ever to support our favorite independent companies instead of a giant corporation, especially if they aren’t giving us quality products.) I do love all the piping details, even though they were really fiddly.

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