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Winter Sewing Wrap-Up

Despite it being April, it is still cloudy and snowing here and we’re lucky if temperatures are getting above 45. Usually sewing warm weather clothing cheers me up, but when it feels like the warm weather is never going to come it just gets gloomy.

I started out strong in January but had to ease off while taking on two stitching jobs, a design gig and acting as a student advisor for her senior design project (for which I made a beautiful tailored brocade jacket, soon to have its own post).


In February, since I was focusing so much on the jacket, I managed only to darn one sock and trace off two patterns. March was more productive. I worked on my braided rug I started when I lived in New Jersey and repaired Bee’s pajamas.

I puttered along on the Sense and Sensibility regency stays, enough to see that they seem to fit – there’s no boning in yet.


Simplicity 5889 got its buttonholes and I selected buttons. After trying to figure out what it needed for that extra bit of oomph, I came across this bit of oversize daisy trim in my stash and knew I’d found what I need. Sadly I never found a zipper to thrift so I ended up purchasing that new.


Simplicity 8788 got its zipper re-done (it needed to be put in before the collar). Hooks and eyes, the collar re-attached and a hem will finish it off.


For new projects, I got McCall’s 6463 cut out and started to assemble it. I decided to have some parts use the reverse of the fabric so I took a break while I muddled over which would be best suited for that purpose.

I also had a sudden urge to make something quick and easy, so I decided to finally tackle one of my American Girl doll patterns, Simplicity 1391. I made drawers and have the apron halfway done. The dress is cut out, but I am not sure I have all the notions and trims I need. So far everything but the fabric for the dress was stashbust!



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