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2017 Wrap Up

I went back and forth on whether or not I felt like writing a 2017 review post. If I were to write it with my friends and readers in mind, I felt like it needed more information. After all, how can one summarize what one has not written? So I am writing this more for myself, as a little look back. I have no plans to write full reviews of what I’ve made, if the moment strikes I’ll do it, but there’s so much new sewing in the new year to look forward to that I don’t want to waste much time looking back.

I am surprised with what I accomplished, considering I taught two college courses for the first time and designed a show during one of them, whittling down our possessions on my minimalist journey and still renovating our house (the eternal WIP!)

I spent a lot of January working on a wearable mock-up of Simplicity 3250. In fact, it is nearly done (no picture, though)! I do plan to finish it in 2018.


Simplicity 8208


I also spent a lot of time and energy making myself a pair of flannel pajamas, which I apparently never photographed except for this close-up. After deciding I only needed one pair of pajamas per season as a minimalist, I wanted to take my time and make pajamas that were an investment.


I tried to get my “March Muslin Madness” game on but ran out of time because I took a spring break to the Keys with my sister and brother-in-law. This is the only one I completed, a modern top. Glad I did it too, because I ended up really disliking it.


Spring Break was a lot of fun, and has made me want to travel more (which means less sewing time and money, but that seems like a reasonable trade off). I managed to make a swim shirt for myself from the same Hey June Raglan Tee pattern I made two years ago. It has seen a lot of use since then! I try to minimize the amount of sun screen I have to use so that I’m harming the ecosystem as little as possible. I attempted to make a matching bathing suit but I was using leotard spandex, not swimsuit spandex and my machine couldn’t take all the layers when sewing the elastic so it was abandoned.


April, if I remember right, was pretty cool and rainy. I spent some time working on Simplicity 7517 from the 1970s. I couldn’t find a fabric I liked enough for the waistband, so it has remained a WIP.



I also made a pajama short and robe set for my mom from Vogue 9218 in a really lovely cotton lawn from JoAnn’s for her birthday.


In May we were busy putting together our vegetable garden, so I only made a quick yoga strap from leftover fabric.


In June I was supposed to go on a 12 day backpacking trip in the ADKs, but health problems prevented me from doing so. When I wasn’t prepping for my not-to-be trip I was working on re-cutting a pair of linen pants I had made for James, in order to get a better fit.


In August I made my friend a Sense and Sensibility regency chemise for her birthday.


After that I got swept up in my class and design work. When I had spare time I did a little weaving or hand sewing on my regency chemise and starting 1500’s stays. I also made a few pieces for a show, including this charming bridal headband.


And suddenly it was December! I put together a hat sample for a possible millinery workshop in the spring. The pattern is from Elsewhen Millinery.


For holiday gifts I only made Bee a new bed, which I drafted, (to match the carpet where she likes to nap) and a Pixie Wallet for my sister.



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