1960s · 1970s · Vintage Pledge 2017

March: Sew-Nothing-Sewist

March is my month to get muslins done; the weather is still too crummy to sew warm weather clothing. This March I put together zero muslins. I suspect it was a combination of being too busy with teaching, going on vacation for a week and having a case of where-do-I-start?-itis. A problem which I further compounded by buying patterns and fabric.

Last week my friend Lindsay took me on an outing to Antiques at Camelot in Bennington, VT. She’d gone the previous week but hadn’t had much time before they closed to look around. We enjoyed lunch at Big Benn, a legitimate 1946 diner with Vermont-styled (i.e. healthy) offerings and then leapt into the fray. Antiques at Camelot is a multi-vendor space, but they also have an entire “Costume Room”. It includes random historical re-enactment costumes made locally, sewing supplies, vintage clothing and accessories and some bins of (mostly 1970s) sewing patterns. The real treasure to be found that day was upstairs in a heap on a shelf…one vendor had a lot of random textile pieces, many of which were vintage and priced at a few dollars apiece! I managed to find ones big enough to actually sew something out of them.

33543034952_9dd192ced3_bNone of the sewing patterns were anything amazing but at 25 cents apiece I picked the best three: 1960s shorts cut to look like vaguely a skirt, a 1960s psychedelic caftan with zip-up front and a half-size jumpsuit from the 1970s – a miracle dream pattern!

The fabrics are much more interesting…7 dollars got me about 2 yards of wide, bottom-weight off-white cotton with a Pennsylvania dutch style mini-print in mustard, 3 yards of mid-century  pale-blue slubby rayon suiting with the original remnant tag on it and a yard of 36″ wide cotton border print of hot pink kittens, flowers and butterflies (it has some stains but I couldn’t pass it up!). I’ve not pinned down any definite ideas for what they’ll become except for the border print. From that I’m hoping to squeeze a sleeveless button-up, possibly with a hot pink collar. What would you make from these fabrics?

Then last night I gave in to the siren call of unusually good pickings on Etsy for half-size patterns…


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