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Completed: Simplicity 9958 Boxers and Knitted Reef Knot Tank

Folks, the summer is flying by! How does this always happen? We’re still working on the new house, but spirits are low. It is hot, humid and with each layer of flooring one rips up it gets less exciting and more disheartening. I’m in the middle of filling in textured walls with joint compound while James is doing flooring. We’re sleeping on a mattress on the floor, living out of our suitcases and cooking on the camp stove. Tiny houses are looking ever more enticing…especially the prefabricated ones.

In the midst of the chaos I did manage to do some sewing. In fact I’m trying to do something crafty every day to keep my sanity, but we have building deadlines, so sometimes I have to prioritize the house. I made some boxers from good old Simplicity 9958 for my Dad for his birthday. I believe I have made this pattern about 10 times now! I used some quilter’s cotton from JoAnn Fabrics. It is very hard to find mature masculine prints (dinosaurs, however, abound) at my local store, which is much smaller than my old JoAnns. However, I think I succeeded with my choices.

My biggest accomplishment this summer is finishing my Reef Knot Tank. I’ve been wearing it more than I expected, so that is good. I took some photos on Knit In Public day, when I wore it out for the first time. As I’ve noticed before, unlike when my sewing projects aren’t 100% to my satisfaction, my imperfect knitting projects still get tons of wear. I’m not sure if it is because most of my sewing project errors are in the fit or because I am a little more free with my design choices when sewing and therefore don’t always make things that suit me well.

My shirt dress from McCall’s 6696 is still on hold, since I need more thread. In the meantime I’ve cut out James’ linen pants from New Look 6876 and serged the edges.

2 thoughts on “Completed: Simplicity 9958 Boxers and Knitted Reef Knot Tank

  1. Are those scrubs patterns easy to make? Sam has started hospital rotations, and we're learning how expensive scrubs can be! Maybe he and I can home-make some of them 🙂


  2. Yes, they're very simple to make and they have even simpler versions out there. If you're looking for cheap ones, unfortunately Wal-Mart might be your best bet. The other place is Work N Gear on route 2, across the street from Trader Joes.


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