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Me Made May 2016: Final Week and Conclusions

I only got three photos the last week. It was extremely hot and humid and we had guests for four days, so it was tricky making my wardrobe work around that.

Day 25

Simplicity 2591, photo by author.

This is a 5 year old dress now (Simplicity 2591). I made it for a challenge back when the Sew Weekly was still running. I still think it is one of my best fitting and most flattering garments. Beside me is my progress on McCall’s 6696. I wanted to finish it to wear on the 31st, but it just didn’t happen. I’m also a little disappointed in that it is less flattering than I’d hoped – I think the waistband makes my short torso look extra short. So much for feeling elegant like Betty Draper. Should I have known better? Yes. Waistbands are why I also usually don’t end up wearing skirts and I don’t think any of my other dresses incorporate them.

Day 27

Simplicity 6912, photo by author.

I was very excited to be able to wear this. It is one of my favorite makes, but the high cut neckline and longer sleeves make it a bit warm. I haven’t blogged it so I’ll go ahead and do a quick blurb.

It is Simplicity 6912, from the 1960s, a junior pattern with a matching bag and head kerchief. The whale fabric was an Ebay purchase and the Spongebob licensed ball fringe was from JoAnn’s. It coordinates a little better in real life as some of the balls are really green, not yellow. It is a bit more snug this year but the shaping from the center front seam and french darts made for a delightful fit with no alterations when I originally made it. I’ve found a regular misses size pattern that is similar if I ever want to attempt this style again.

Day 31

Hey June Lane Raglan, photo by author.

It’s over! And for the most part I succeeded, surprising, given how many me-made garments I’ve donated. I celebrated by wearing my new Hey June Lane Raglan.

Lessons Learned

Stick to my color palette.

I really do know what colors I prefer. But sometimes a pretty fabric (especially prints) get the better of my judgement. While I don’t want to eschew such things completely, I want to buy them in mind with projects that are maybe not for me to wear. For example I can do home dec projects or sew for my American Girl Dolls with them.While this will probably leave me with a closet of almost exclusively blue things, I really never get tired of blue.

Make garments more like what I would buy at the store.

Not to put down hand made or unique garments, but if I want more wearable me-mades, I am more successful when I look at a pattern and ask myself if I would buy that garment at a store. Why do I keep thinking just because I made it, it will automatically be more flattering or fit my style? Too often I am attracted by a fun illustration or the idea that I will look like the model instead of being realistic about my body type. The Hey June Lane Raglan and the underwear I made this season was a good step in this direction.

In conjunction with above, sew more consciously of my body’s shape and what is flattering to it.

Happy Me Made May! How was your experience?

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