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Completed: Lemon Drop Tunic

One WIP done! I had started this top last August, just before we moved. It is more of a warm weather top, especially with my fabric choice, but it was so quick to finish up I didn’t care. I’ve been so busy that I haven’t had time to get a photo of it on, so for now you just get this quick shot of it.



Pattern: Anna Maria Horner’s Lemon Drop Dress and Tunic
Size: Small; same view as on the adult woman

Rating: 4/5 

Fabric, etc.: I was able to destash some knit fabric for this one. The body is an unknown fiber knit from Mood from when Liz and Michelle visited NYC for the day. I think it was $14 for the one yard. The aqua accent fabric was from Spandex House/World ages ago when I was thinking of making underwear. It also made an appearance in my Downtown tunic and I am pleased to be rid of it – it is one of those extra drapey knits that get eaten by regular sewing machines.

Cost: $14 for the fabric, $17 for the pattern ($31 total)

Time: I could probably whip one up in a day…


  •  I love the shape of this tunic. It covers enough to be worn with just leggings but still looks good with jeans. It is fitted in the bust but not around the stomach. I did have to take in the accent colored section of the sleeve about 1″, but I have pretty skinny arms. I was surprised it all came out so well, considering Anna Maria Horner is more about quilting and quilters cottons.
  • The pattern comes with lots of variations. I don’t know if I’ll try any of the others, but it made the price more justified in my mind.
  • I didn’t choose the best knit for the neckband – it is too drapey and twisted after washing. Next time I’ll take that into consideration.
  • The only thing I did not like about this pattern were the instructions. I couldn’t find a set seam allowance, it seems each step describes what SA to use. The instructions were so over-explained and wordy that I ditched them altogether and just looked at the pictures. I tried to read them, but it made my eyes swim. It might be good for a beginner, but I found it too much.
  • Quick anecdote about the fabric: when I went to Mood with Liz and Michelle, I had no intention of buying anything except some lining for a repair job. It was quite deserted and usually it is hard to find an employee to assist you (no complaints, it is a popular store and quite cramped, so you can only have so many employees). That day was the exception, the woman in the knits section was bent on swatching anything I even glanced at. Finally I opted to buy a yard to escape her swatching spree.
  • NOTE: I eventually gave this top away, as it pilled horribly and was very staticky (so now I know it was a synthetic…), which counteracted the whole loose around the middle feature!

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