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The Four Month Hat

Back in October of 2014 I began a hat for a penpal that I met through swaps in the Tiny Owl Knits group on Ravelry. I finished it in mid-February. Now I would say that I am truly the world’s slowest knitter, but this was not an easy hat.
The pattern is Gloriole Slouch by Becoming Art and I used some Naturally Caron Country, an acrylic merino worsted weight that they discontinued years ago. I bought it on clearance for mere cents a skein, if I remember correctly, which is surprising because I find it to be a very nice yarn for an acrylic. This was a great way to destash it, and the remaining skeins I sent in a box of goodies to Meg the Grand.
Now, this is a pattern not for the mindless knitter. All the asymmetrical cables show any error you make. Even those bits between the big cables are made using cable stitches. That didn’t stop me from knitting it everywhere I could, including during the annual New Year’s winter camping trip.
I would recommend the pattern for sure, but make sure you use a yarn with more drape than me! If not for the weight of the needles in the below photo, that “slouchy” bit stuck pretty straight out!
What are you all knitting? Do you put away your needles come spring? I’m tackling (for the third time) a tank top in cotton bamboo.

4 thoughts on “The Four Month Hat

  1. It's beautiful! The recipient will be lucky to have it. I'm currently knitting the Fairfield cardigan and dreaming about casting on either Inland or Arvingen (because I'm convinced I have enough time for one more cold weather sweater. HAHA). In the spring and summer, I keep knitting sweaters, but I change my fibers to cotton, silk, linen, etc… because, I have problems, and I can't stop.


  2. It is gorgeous. I was in a waiting room with a knitter the other day, and she urged, urged, urged me to get on it.

    A cotton-bamboo tank sounds lovely. I might just make one. . .on my sewing machine.


  3. This is such a lovely hat! I bet your friend will LOVE it! I'm a cold-weather knitter, so I'm hoping to finish up Ondawa soon (I'm on the first sleeve and will probably run out of yarn before I finish the second, argh) and then hopefully knit a couple of hats to give away before warm weather really hits. 🙂


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